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Honeywell RTH9580WF Review

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The Honeywell RTH9580WF is a WIFI thermostat that gives the user a pleasant experience with some smart features sprinkled in. It has a business-like appearance and gets its job done in business-like fashion.
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Look And Feel
Not everyone likes the trendy look of the Nest. You may prefer something a little more conventional. The RTH9580WF fits that description. If I am running a tech startup with a bunch of Apple geeks working for me, the Nest might be right at home on my office wall. But, in most cases, I think I would opt for something like the Honeywell RTH9580WF with its more traditional look.

For those unable or unwilling to use the companion app, the full set of features can be accessed from the touch-screen display. The display gives you a readout of the current date, time, indoor and outdoor temperatures, humidity and its current heating/cooling status.

The screen brightness and color are fully adjustable. Change the background color to match your décor and adjust the brightness to suit your preference.

For consumers with questionable eyesight, the background and shading available make for an easy to read display of information. Plus, the screen size is large enough (3.75 in x 2.25 in) that you won’t need a magnifying glass.

Even though the screen is large, the whole unit does not look bulky or out of place on the wall. In fact, it only sticks out from the wall 0.8 in compared to 1.2 in for the Nest thermostat.

No Associated Monthly Fees!
Once you have purchased the unit, there are no hidden fees associated with the use of this thermostat. The companion app is also free so you don’t have to pay for anything else in order to enjoy the comfort of regulating your home’s temperature from anywhere in or out of your home.

Programmable Mode Saves On Energy Bills
If you wish to save a good chunk of change on your heating and cooling bills throughout the year, then you can select the unit’s programmable mode. That’s the main reason for having a smart thermostat, right?

The simple programmable thermostats of the last couple decades were often difficult to program. The small screens made it difficult to see and the lack of an intuitive interface meant step one of reprogramming the thermostat was often fumbling through messy drawers trying to find the manual. Say goodbye to the past because using the touchscreen of the RTH9580WF to program the thermostat is intuitive and quick.

You also have the option of using the app to program your schedule. Setting up the schedule with the app is really nice. You have the option to wing it and figure out the scheduling by yourself (it’s actually very easy, dare I say pleasant even?) or you can answer a series of step by step questions and at the end, the app will set your schedule for you. Once your initial schedule is setup, you can easily go back and edit it at any time.

It Learns Your Home’s Heating And Cooling Ability
The Honeywell WIFI thermostat will learn about your house and how long it takes to heat/cool. It will take into account the outside weather conditions and previous performance. It will turn on the heating/cooling before your scheduled time so that it reaches the set point right at the scheduled time. Schedule the thermostat for right when you get up and the Honeywell will take care of the rest. No more hiding under the covers in fear of the cold air!

What If The Internet Goes Out?
Unlike some other smart thermostats, this one does not lose its brain if the internet goes out or it has connectivity issues. Although you will lose the ability to control it via the app, it will continue to function as it was programmed.

If consumers wish to purchase this unit for its ease of use, they are able to use the thermostat as a standalone unit. While many people think that the Wi-Fi capability is a bonus adding to the power packed features, some people who aren’t technologically savvy can still enjoy the thermostat by itself. To do so, they can simply use the touch screen interface without the need for the companion app.

What If The Power Goes Out?
The thermostat requires a c-wire for installation and runs off wall power. This unit does not require any batteries and doesn’t have any replaceable backup batteries. If it loses power, all the settings are saved in the onboard memory. When the power comes back on, the thermostat will continue to function as it should without needing any action from you.

Can It Automatically Switch From Heating To Cooling?
Not all smart thermostats have this option, but the RTH9580WF has the ability to automatically switch from heating to cooling. I don’t know of an environment where you would be switching between heating and cooling more than a couple times a year, but I’m sure someone somewhere has a need for it. Regardless, most people have to switch it at least twice a year so you might as well have a thermostat that does it automatically, right?

It Gathers Outside Temperature Data From Accuweather
The Honeywell RTH9580WF updates and displays the outdoor temperature and humidity once per hour. You can also easily view a 5-day forecast from the app.
If you’re wondering where the outdoor temperature data is gathered, Honeywell gets it from so it won’t work if the thermostat is not connected to the internet.

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